Sonny Casey 31. Januar 2020 - 17 Uhr

31. Januar 2020 -
17 Uhr

Berlin – Pankow

Sonny Casey
Sonny Casey
is a singer-songwriter from Galway, Ireland.

Sonny began busking at the age of seventeen and has since travelled across nine European countries, sharing her songs in bars and cafes and on the streets along the way.
Inspired by the likes of Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and Bruce Springsteen to name a few, Sonny combines her love for words with simple melodies, backed by sweet guitar-picking to create heart-warming ballads that are made haunting by her unique voice.

In April 2018 she self-released her second street album ‘Pocketful Of Words’, much to the delight of the crowds that stop to hear her busking.

Sonny currently resides in Germany where she continues to share her songs in parks, on bridges , outside subway stations and alongside the colourful markets of bold Berlin.
Sonny is currently recording her first studio album which she hopes to release in 2020.


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