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Louise Mathilde

Am 6. Dezember 2019 – 17 Uhr bei uns!
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Louise Mathilde wurde von der Musik von Barbara, Brassens und Joan Baez beeinflusst. Die französische Autorin, Komponistin und Performerin zögert nicht, ihre Gefühle, Ideen und Kämpfe zu teilen. Ihre Gitarre ist von offenen Pariser Bühnen bis auf die Straßen Berlins gereist und lud die Passanten ein, ehrliche und bewegende Texte zu entdecken.

Am 6. September 2019: Vernissage einer Ausstellung bei EWA e.V.- Frauenzentrum (Berlin)
Am 31. Mai 2019 : Tennessee (6. Arrondissement, Paris) mit Jem Kid
Am 13. März 2019 : Tennessee (6. Arrondissement, Paris) mit Jem Kid
Am 11. Dezember 2018 : l’Etage (11. Arrondissement, Paris) mit Jem Kid
März 2016 – heute : offene Bühne in Paris, Berlin, Oxford, Dublin
November 2015 – Mai 2016 : Kibélé (9. Arrondissement, Paris)

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Am 14. Februar 2020 – 17 Uhr bei uns!
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Berlin-based, Italian singer/songwriter combines delicate electronic and dark pop elements with her intimate voice into a unique and deep sound. Inspired by essences and pure forms, AZZURRA began writing music in 2015 on her own. The same year she moved to Berlin and released the single Before Your Lies and her first EP Where Are We Going, produced by film composer Federico Ferrandina, getting the attention of many international music blogs. In 2019, with multi-Grammy Awards winner Sadaharu Yagi and Federico Ferrandina, she wrote the World Environment Day and SDGs theme song We Are Walking On for the United Nations. She got signed to French label Another Music Records and she is going to release her first single Grey from the upcoming album Underlight on October 4th.

“The best voice I’ve heard for ages” Indie Berlin

“Delicate vocals, slowly-expanding electronica instrumentals and a vibe which will make you forget about the world.”

“wrapped by a soothing and evanescent voice, electronic soul and stylish dream pop, sweet and obsessive, it lingers on you like a question without answer”

Rockit GREY
(Dark pop – Elettro pop)
Grey is the first release from Azzurra’s debut album “Underlight”, composed and arranged with the guitarist and producer FEDERICO FERRANDINA, published by Paris based label ANOTHER MUSIC RECORDS and distributed by

Sometimes the whole reality outline concentrates in one shape, sometimes we just need to tell one single story to grab some universal truth about humanity. Azzurra chooses the grey color to paint many shades of contemporary reality, and the existential need to migrate from it, as it’s a reality where we don’t belong anymore.