Dom Fricot 2. März 2019 - 17 Uhr

2. März 2019 -
17 Uhr


For Canadian and recent Berlin transplant, Dom Fricot, music has always been a form of therapy, a way to explore and share the traumas of real life. A singer-songwriter, far removed from the clichéd tropes that are so closely associated with the term. Dom’s music brings to mind the widescreen, melodic pop of Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, and fuses it with the influence of more modern songwriters from Bon Iver to Sufjan Stevens. It’s in the live setting, whether as a solo artist of part of side-project The Folk Road Show, that Dom’s talents truly come alive; emotional, funny, and with the spirit of a story-teller and the vision of an artist – a songwriter with the world at his feet, and the desire to explore every inch of it, and one who makes you feel like you’re walking every step with him.

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